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Here’s What You Get When You Claim Your
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Free Digital Funnel

Most low ticket funnels bomb. Leaving you with a big credit card bill to pay Mark Zukerberg yet another pile of money.

If this has happened to you, you are not alone. With the rising cost of ads, every visitor that comes from your ads is a precious gem we must convert into a lead.

With the right Free Digital funnel, you can show good will and flex your products or services to potential clients, at no cost per unit to you.

This funnel is by far the most effective to produce a high volume of leads and grow your list fast.

Inside my High Ticket Lead Funnels you will see how you can structure your funnel steps and what elements you need to make this your high lead producer.

Free + Shipping Funnel

Everybody has a funnel these days. Social media is a massive echo chamber of business owners just copying each other asking viewers to ‘click on the link below’. How do you stand out from the crowd?

A well-constructed Free + Shipping funnel gets you all what Free Digital funnels get you but in addition, they put you on your client’s desk.

Not buried is some folder in their computer that they forget about. You are right there to be seen.

They see you while they work, they see you when they start their day in the morning, they explain who you are to people who see your stuff in their office. That’s power.

High Ticket Lead Funnels show you how to build a Free + Shipping funnel that converts most visitors to leads, so your cost per unit drops like a rock.

Pay Later Funnel

If you are selling high ticket products and services you either have run events (or at least consider it). Events are the bloodline of many experts and service-based businesses.

One of the most effective ways to get people to come to a virtual event is a Pay Later Funnel.

Why? Because it removes the main objection cold prospects have.


If they get to see you and your products (and you are good), they’ll warm up to you pretty quickly. And the rest is history.

Inside High Ticket Lead Funnels, you will get all you need to run a pay later funnel that converts cold visitors from paid ads into leads and potential buyers. It shows you how to filter tire-kickers that will never pay and just mess up your payment system with bounced charges.

Quiz Funnel

After training thousands of people selling high ticket products and services you know what I’ve noticed about the successful ones?

They know the hell out of their clients.

When they know their clients they produce better ads, better copywriting, they close easier on the phone.

A Quiz Funnel is a great way to get that valuable data you need. This funnel is great when:
  • You need to qualify your leads before taking the next steps.
  • Funnels that lead to phone calls.
  • Self-development, retail, education and complex services products.
The problem is, most people hate taking quizzes. But when you use High Ticket Lead Funnels you can add the right elements so the quiz doesn’t feel like a drag but as a means to an end.

This is the type of funnel that produces the most qualified leads.

Free Trial Funnel

One of the most painful conversations I have with my top tier clients is the dreadful revenue roller coaster that comes from selling high ticket products and services.

One month you are the biggest baller to play the game and the next month…crickets.

To combat this, many businesses include some form of recurring revenue in their product line.

Sometimes it’s software, other times it's memberships or subscriptions.

Point is, getting more stable revenue. It’s pretty popular among business owners with families.

A Free Trial funnel is the most effective way to get clients into recurring products is the most effective way to sell recurring revenue products.

Done right, you will get a steady stream of new buyers every month that compound your top line, because they add up to your monthly recurring revenue. Pretty sweet, huh?

The High Ticket Lead Funnels walks you through the specific elements a funnel must have to convert cold traffic visitors into leads and recurring clients.

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Clients who use the strategies found in the High Ticket Lead Funnels winning the Black Dragon award to celebrate generating $1 million dollars in record time

Yours Today...

Why am I giving these away for just $7?

Bottom line: You probably don’t know me. So you don’t trust me yet. And that’s why I want to give you these High Ticket Lead Funnels which cost me millions of dollars and over a decade to figure out for just a small fee. 

It’s not free because I need to know you are serious enough to pull out your wallet and invest in your business. Even if it’s just a few bucks.

I’m confident that when you see how much more effective you become because of these lead funnel templates, you’ll want to do business with me in the future when I make an offer that’s relevant to you.

WARNING: This is a limited time offer. 

We’re in the process of growing our list of business owners. But it’s costing me money every day I run these ads. I may choose at any time to not give Mark Zuckerberg any more money and never run this ad campaign again. Get your High Ticket Lead Funnels™ now while you still can.
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